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Good day, I looking for job in offshore as Master SDPO. I have Master`s unlimited license, Full DP certificate valid until 2023 and all other necessary documents for work at sea in offshore including oil tanker endorcement. Fluent English, very good experience on DSV, OSV and MRSV DP-2 in rank. All STCW valid until 2021. I worked under Chevron, Exxon mobile and CGG charterers in Persian Gulf, in Gulf of Guinea, in Bengal Bay, in North and Mediterranean Seas. I Will consider job offers with wage from 450 USD for any type of offshore DP vessels (except crew boats and AHTS). My date of readiness is the middle of the February 2019. I do not have ARAMCO or ADMA approvals. My contact number: +380501316740. For references and more details, please, send me an inqury to e-mail: alexandrponom@rambler.ru

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